May 18, 2011

Nightstand Design Review

So I've been kicking around ideas for a pair of nightstands for awhile now and have come up with the following design.

The majority of the piece will be made from 4/4 (1 inch thick) air dried cherry and the drawer fronts will be curly maple. One of the constraints that drove this design was to use only 4/4 lumber which somewhat limited the design of the legs.

What I like about this general form is that the two drawers will offer a lot of storage. The middle shelf should be a great place to keep the keys/phone/wallet clutter so that the top of the nightstand can remain clutter free.

What do you think? Does it look decent, kinda funny, horrible? Should I bite the bullet and spring for some 8/4 cherry for thicker square legs? Are the general proportions decent? I'm looking for some honest feedback now while I can still tweak the design in sketchup.

Feel free to leave comments here or in the discussion thread I posted in the woodnet forums