April 23, 2009

Progress on the kitchen remodel slowed a bit while I was sick last week but now that I'm healthy again I've been making some more progress. Here are the latest pictures.

Here is the new light fixture. You can also see (or hopefully not) the ceiling now fully patched.

Since these cabinets are smaller I mounted them together prior to hanging them as one large piece.

Here the sink wall uppers are hung.

...and with the doors on.

Here the lower cabinet and sink base are installed. The only issue here is that the full size drawer on the end collides with the handle of the door into the garage. I'm planning to change the swing direction of the door so the handle will be on the opposite side but this isn't a priority right now...if you have any better ideas let me know.

Here you can see the whole wall.

Lon and I got the last section of uppers on the stove wall hung yesterday.

...again with the doors installed.

Here the lowers are installed and I placed a section of countertop to see how it will look. As soon as I get a chance to clean up the stove and the old exhaust hood I can get them put back and I'll be able to cook again :)

I'm currently working on building a side panel to conceal the dishwasher and support the end of the countertop. Just a simple piece of plywood with an oak 1x2 face frame that I'll stain to match the color of the cabinets. The actual side will be hidden by the fridge but I'll stain that too just to get the color close. Once this is done I can install the countertop and put the rest of the kitchen back together...Its getting close.

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