January 25, 2010

1810 Bathroom Part 4 - Paint and Tile Prep

The bathroom is slowly starting to look like its supposed to again. The walls are finished and painted and I finally have a real light and shower curtain again. I also prepped the floor for tile and removed the old door. Here are a few pictures showing the progress.

Here is the bathroom ready for primer after some mud touch-ups and final sanding.

Two coats of "First Coat" primer evened out the texture of the walls and hid the seams and screws fairly well. After 2 coats of Zinsser Perma-White the walls looked pretty nice. There are two small areas where some of the paint bubbled and started to peel away which I think is due to the mud being a bit wet before I painted but it should be easy to touch up later.

In between coats of paint I worked on finishing off the drywall patch in the kitchen ceiling. Above you can see I filled the large gaps with mud prior to taping the seams.

Once the mud was dry I scraped off the high spots and taped over the seams.

I then applied mud over the tape trying to feather out the edges as smoothly as possible to minimize sanding.

Here it is after the mud dried. It will need to few more coats of mud to smooth everything out but at least there is a ceiling again.

Its nice to have a real light and shower curtain again.

The old door had a hole punched through it some point by an angry tenant so I'll be swapping in a new one. I pulled out the old door now so that I don't have to fool around undercutting the door jambs when I set the tile.

I then cleaned up the floor and removed as much of the old mastic as I could and then added a few screws as insurance. Above you can see the Ditra cut and fit into place. I really love that stuff compared to cement board.

The plan for this week is to layout all the tile and cut the edge pieces ahead of time. Then set the Ditra (with modified thinset) and imediately set the tile over that (with unmodified thinset). After waiting a day or so I can grout and then after another day I can finally start installing the toilet and vanity. I'm hoping by the end of next weekend I will have a fully functional bathroom again.

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  1. Great update! Looking good! How much to hire your services? ;)