April 14, 2010

1810 Bathroom Complete...Now What?

So I just realized that I never posted an update after finishing the bathroom remodel. I ended up getting it done the first week of February just in time for the refinance appraisal. The appraisal went well and all the work I've done to the place bumped up the value quite a bit. The refi is now done and I am happy to now have a mortgage at 5% rather than the 6.675% I had before :)

Here is the final result.

So now that the bathroom is done what's next? I decided to take a break from remodeling and work on a few other things I've been wanting to do. The first that came to mind is building a new coffee table. The coffee table I have now is a piece of fine furniture that I inherited from Lon after he moved out. It was hand crafted by his dad out of scrap lumber and drywall screws and was also one of echo's favorite chew toys when he was teething so its anything but pretty.

I really do love this table...but its gotta go :)

After deciding that this would be my next project I realized that I had never actually done any real woodworking so I started reading up on building furniture. Well it turns out that in order to build something I would be happy with it was going to take a significant investment in tools and things sort of snowballed into me setting up a full wood shop in the garage. Ever since building speaker boxes in highschool I've always wanted to do more real woodworking so I'm considering this an investment that I will use and keep for the rest of my life...at least thats how I'm justifying it now. Stay tuned for more details on the tools I've aquired and their setup and eventually the construction of the coffee table.

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