April 21, 2010

Woodshop Setup - The Saws

While scouring Craigslist for a planer and jointer I also stumbled onto an ad from a guy down in Waukesha selling off some old woodworking tools that had been passed down from a cabinet shop his grandfather ran in the 1940's. At this point I was planning to make due with my Ryobi BT3000 table saw for awhile and wasn't really looking for anythign better, but the guy was selling, among other things, an old Delta Unisaw and an old Delta 14" bandsaw for pretty cheap so I gave him a call. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had a truck full if 1939 Milwaukee made iron.

The Unisaw was in decent working condition and turned out to be a 1939 "four footer". I had no idea what that meant but after poking around on the internet for awhile I found out that it was the first year Delta made the Unisaw and that there is actually a fairly large community of people that collect and restore these old saws. I was somewhat worried about buying a table saw older than my dad but I figured it was a great deal on a working saw and on top of that its age probably made it worth a bit more if I ever wanted to get rid of it.

The band saw turned out to be a 14" Delta 890 from about the same vintage and although I don't really need a band saw it was a good deal on a Milwaukee made heavy duty tool so I figured I'd take it.

In addition to the table saw and band saw the guy also had a 24" Delta scroll saw from the same era. I really didn't need a scroll saw but the guy really wanted to get rid of it and talked me into taking it as a package deal.

After unloading this all into my 1 car garage (Thanks Lon) it became clear that if was ever going to actually use any of these tools I had to clear out some room.

I no longer needed the BT3000 and had been half heartedly trying to get rid of the old snowblower for awhile now so I posted them on craigslist and finally sold them off. The garage is still a small area for a shop but with a few of the tools on casters it should work out alright.

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